About us


A few words about our family, and our philosophy.

Luigi Alfarone imigrated from Italy in 1918 and shortly thereafter sent for his wife Maria. Like most imigrants of that era, they came to America with hopes of living the American dream. They lived that dream, it was humble, the streets were not paved with gold, and everything required hard work, but they they brought with them a zest for life, and some really good recipes! Those recipes have been handed down for three generations of Alfarones, and now, with pride, we share those flavors of old world Italy with all of you.

"Benvenuto alla famiglia",




2010 -

In early 2010 our company started sharing these recipes that have been in the family since 1919. At first, we were using a very small facillity, but as demand increased we built a larger facillity but never changed the way we make our products, in small batches and with love.

2015 -

In 2015 we went from selling only in Florida, to expanding our sales to NY, NJ, CT, and PA. We will continue to expand our coverage area to better serve our customers.

2016 -

In 2016 Italo's Gourmet has seen tremendous growth, with month-over-month revenue growth of 60%. Our plan is to be in all 50 states by 2018.


Peace, Love, and Italo's Gourmet...

Our goal has always been to share our passion for food with the world and spread peace and love to the masses! Please join us by being responsible world citizens and looking out for others. 

Peace, Love, and Italo's


Italo Wayde Alfarone

CEO and Chairman

Juan Camilo Rendon

National Sales Manager

Scott Barwick

Southeast Regional Sales

Avery Alfarone


Elaine Alfarone

Quality Control

Marcia Cook


Rob Skuba


Mark Alfarone




Value and quality are the cornerstone of our vision, business idea and concept.

GMO Free

Our products are only of the highest possible non GMO quality.

The Best Quality

Our main goal is to sell the highest quality foods, period.

Affordable Price

We have a huge selection of products to meet any taste and budget.